Tips For Maintaining A Residential Elevator

Residential elevators, or lifts, are an increasingly common feature in multi-story homes and apartments. They are especially popular in urban areas like Singapore, where houses can’t take up a lot of ground space due to the population density. Installing a home lift makes your home accessible to visitors with mobility challenges, like an elder or any person with an injury or disability. They’re convenient for you and your family as well when you have a load of groceries or a small child to carry up several flights of stairs. An elevator inside your home can also be an attractive feature of your interior design. If you have installed an elevator in your home, you’ll want to learn about lift maintenance service.

One question you may have is how often you need to have your elevator maintained. The answer depends on several factors. Different models use different parts and some of these wear out sooner than others. Your elevator’s manufacturer should specify a schedule. In addition, the city where you live may have regulations regarding elevator maintenance, so lift maintenance and servicing in Singapore may be required more (or less) frequently than in other areas. You can also choose your elevator’s maintenance schedule depending on the type of contract you sign with the company who installs it. A typical inspection and maintenance schedule is once per year.

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You may also wonder what exactly maintenance involves. An inspector should perform a thorough examination of all parts of your elevator and perform or recommend service as needed. Some repairs are likely covered under your maintenance contract, while others may be billed to you. An elevator inspector will look at the interior of the lift to see if any control lights need to be replaced, for example, or if the door opens and closes smoothly. He or she will also inspect the machine room to check for any leaks or wear to the motor components. Other very important tasks include checking the cables for wear and making sure the whole mechanism is up to code for fire safety.

In general, maintenance should be performed by a qualified professional in lift maintenance company. However, there are some things you can do on your own on a regular basis as long as you take some care. Changing light bulbs is a simple task that any homeowner can perform, but it’s not a good idea to change the light fixtures. You can also clean the carpet, though not with a heavy carpet cleaner. You can wipe down the wall panels but avoid spraying the control buttons with cleaning products. For other maintenance, use a local professional service, like Singapore lift maintenance service by Hin Chong.